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Highly recommended for both Inside and Outside Sales Pros. Actually, one of the best training sessions I have ever attended • Noel Payment, Account Manager: Compugen
Saleslook Consulting helped outsell our competitors by a 30 to 1 margin and sign record breaking contracts • Kevin Heaney, VP Sales: Vodafone
After implementing the Saleslook methodology our sales projections grew 25% over the previous year • Dan Loney, President: Loney Financial
Our recent success is in large part due to the Saleslook methodology and software • Mark Hanlon, COO: Bell
Saleslook training and coaching have left a legacy that is a good part of the reason we are successful today • Duncan Emslie, Group Manager: Empire Financial Group
In every case, Saleslook training, coaching and tools have improved sales and effectiveness on an ongoing basis • Geoff Davenport, VP Sales: Radiant Communications
Saleslook methodology and CRM software have brought consistency and accuracy to improve our top-line sales process • Kevin Jampole, COO: Software Imaging
The assessment & analysis enlightened our entire sales force identifing aspects of our sales & management approach that needed development • Rob Foord, VP Sales: Kal Tire
Saleslook methodologies are an integral framework in which we rely on every day to compete and manage the sales organization • Peter Murphy, President & CEO: Epic Data
Saleslook training addressed our needs. We found the tools & coaching paying off with more structure in our sales process & strategies • Betsy Gibbons: The Caldwell Partners